3 September 2020

About Us


Filmgarb was launched in 2013. The goal of this website is simple; provide a resource for people looking to buy cool shirts and clothes that they see in movies and shows. Currently Filmgarb specializes in funny, novelty and somewhat geeky men’s clothing.

This website is developed and maintained by a single individual. It’s mostly a hobby and when time permits, it allows me to explore one of my favorite pastimes, content curation, and also brush up on my web development skills.

General Information

I do not claim any ownership or association with any of the media presented on this website. Most of the imagery on this website is likely copyrighted and is being used under fair use.

I do not sell the items listed on this website nor am I advocating for any of the outlets I link to. When I am looking for an item, I try to choose the most reliable and trustworthy outlets, but if you choose to the buy the items I link to, you are doing so at your own risk. I can not assist you with purchase issues.

Submit Items

If you have sourced an item that is worn in a film, tv show or web series and would like me to feature it on this website, please fill out a submission form by clicking this link. Crowdsourced content submissions are always appreciated.

Technical Details

I built this website with hugo and it is hosted with netlify. This website theme (not including the content and copy) is open source and you can view the source code here.

One of the more interesting technical details about this website is that it utilizes near 0 javascript. The only exception being Google Analytics, which is a necessary evil at the moment to power the “popular” and “trending” sections. I’m attempting to migrate away from Google Analytics and towards Netlify Analytics for this purpose. It will take time to accumulate enough data to do so, but I am hoping in a month or so the change can take place.

My original goal and continuing mission is to make this website have the fastest page speed possible, without limiting core functionality.


If you’d like to get in contact with me, you can reach me by email. My email is admin@ the domain name of this website (filmgarb.com).